The Value a Well Done Painting Job Adds to the House.

How often do you come across a freshly painted house or apartment when they are for sale. Nowadays, it has become a must for agents to demand such improvements to clients. All in all, high-quality painting is a cheap way to give your house a good facelift. 

The cost of paining a house

According to professionals, the cost of painting a house ranges from $40 to $45; such a cost does not include the painting tools and materials. You can also estimate the cost depending on a basis of square-meter. Professionals charge from $15 to $40 for each square meter. 

The secret behind a perfect painting job

In fact, the secret behind a thrillingly perfect painting job lies in the bosom of preparation. According to Nathan Waldron, ‘some people may go for a cheaper quote, but if the preparation is not up to scratch, you are going to see the results after a year or so.’ He adds, ‘it is important to match the correct type of paint with the surface.’

What does painting your house add to its sale cost?

People often question what will the painting job add to the value of their houses. ‘I often tell my clients that painting is the easiest and most cost-effective renovation you can do prior to marketing,” says Sam Varrica. 

Generally speaking, not only does painting your for-sale house with fresh colors make it feel large, but also it makes it attractive enough for buyers so that they imagine themselves living in it. 

Surprisingly, houses with blue-painted bathrooms sold for $5000 more than you expect. Also, kitchens with bluish-gray painting colors sold for $1800 more than you expect.

Exterior painting 

It is worth mentioning that your house’s exterior painting can comparatively boost its sale price. For that reason, buyers are attracted to navy bluish front doors which impact your house’s cost. 

Front door painting color for a good house sale

According to the analyses carried out in 2018, it is concluded that certain painting colors significantly affect your house selling cost. The prominently significant boost came from a charcoal or grayish-black front door. Such painting colors could sell for $6000 more than you expect. That is in turn deemed a big increase in the sale cost of your house.

Five paint-related ways to boost your house’s for-sale cost

  1. Painting the kitchen’s cabinets: If you wish to sell your house, and your kitchen’s cupboards look out-dated, yet you cannot afford to replace them with new ones, then the best choice for you is to paint them so that they look new.
  2. Painting the walls: Generally, painting the walls of the living room and the guestroom also participate in boosting the value of your house.
  3. Painting the trim gloss: If you do not have enough time to paint the walls, try to paint the trim in white. 
  4. Painting the exterior
  5. Painting the front door

In short, if you wish to sell your house, a can of painting is a wise investment.